Saturday, January 21, 2023

Leadership Workshop - Panzer Solutions

 The leadership workshop with Panzer Solutions is finally on - one module a week. Titled 'Cracking the Leadership Code' it is about the basics of leadership that helps us lead better. Tariq coordinated the effort and joined the program along with Adil, Nizam, Raees, Santhosh, Satya, Vinay, Imran. Khaled and Ahmad. Kawal joined in at the end.

We had an interesting ice breaker based on each of us sharing some fun details about one another - favorite movie, last vacation, favorite book, what we fear the most, biggest achievement etc. It was good sharing. We discussed how important leadership was to a team result (more than 50%), that leadership could be taught (yes) and whether we consider our leaders.

Here we had a nice moment. We pondered on how we are influencing people with the way we live our lives - how many we already have influenced and how many more we can influence from now on. It was an interesting exercise and Nizam actually said that we should document these so we remember the good we had done. I asked them to make a list about who they can help going forward too.

A small insight into how leaders evolve - from insecure leaders who have authority but no clue or experience drawing our insecure reactions from them, to personal leadership where one takes his own role and the responsibility of the team and then a secure leader who allows the entire team to contribute and grow as a whole. I also shared how they say that a leader is one who holds the team's energies like a vessel.

I then revealed the leadership code or my leadership black box - why, how, what and who. To understand the 'Why' we looked at Simon Sinek's TED talk 'Start with Why'. We discussed it briefly and I gave them an exercise to come with their grandest vision for their company, their team, their life. A good why helps us form a good strategy, choose values, builds culture, gives strength and conviction. We discussed the story of Disney, of the guy who broke stones with purpose.

It was a good session and I enjoyed sharing my experiences and stories with the team. Next week - the how.    

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