Thursday, January 26, 2023

Irani Chai at Red Rose with Sunnie

 Sunnie wanted to have some Irani chai. We mulled over the sad fact that there were no true blue Irani cafes anymore. Sunnie said he was checking to see if he could find any Irani Cafes on the way home from the airport and found none. We decided to try Nimrah at Charminar one fine morning. To make do, we decided to try Red Rose at Erramanzil on Tuesday.

I got there first and was relieved to find some parking place. I ordered some chai for myself and checked the menu. This Red Rose is a vegetarian restaurant - not a single non veg item. Not even an egg puff. Biscuits, samosas, lassi, chai, veg meals, puri sabzi, bun maska - that's it. No biryani nothing.

Anyway Sunnie came and we had a long chat over a few cups of chai, bun maska, samosas, a puri bhaji. There was a cute couple next to us, looking into each others eyes and laughing away happily. The waiter somehow plonked a bucket of bhaji on our table, then removed it when we told him it was obstructing our style etc. Puri sabzi was a hot item and so were samosas. They have this style of serving water in these Kinley bottles, an improvement from the steel glasses with fingers dipped, but hey steel was better than plastic right?  

The couple just would not take their eyes off each other, and laughed like crazy - lovely

After a good couple of hours of catching up on our lives we went our separate ways.


Rajendra said...

Kya miya, couples ku disturb karre? Dekhne do na, aankhon mein aankhen daalke?

Harimohan said...

Haha, discreetly captured without disturbing them. Rare sight. Happy couples.