Thursday, January 26, 2023

Scripting the Backflipt Blockbuster Story

 After a couple of weeks the leadership team onboarded the entire team with their common purpose, values and how they proposed to go forward. To begin with, they got the posters and put them up on the walls.

And the interaction with the team.

Vijay setting the tone

One of the junior associates

Ashfaq, Neha and others listening

The 10x game

Here are the videos. Gret work by Sudhir to capture this, edit and make it so easily accessible. In Sudhir's words.

"We had a good interactive session yesterday with the Product team yesterday along with the Freshers 2023"

Below is the Townhall Video capturing the leadership talk

And all the others. Fantastic work guys. -- Vibe check -- Best interest of the team -- 3As  -- Why we do what we do -- Team work -- Growth Mindset -- Being Bold -- Ownership -- Team Talk -- Conclusion -- 10x game feedback

Good show guys. Now to build on the good start.

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