Thursday, January 26, 2023

Meeting Mohib and Other Old Cricketers over Breakfast

 It's become a regular thing when Mohib or any of the others - Masood, Karthik, Akram - come to India on a visit. Mohib has been here for a month and it was due so we decided to meet today. Bansi said he would join and so did Srikanth Iyengar and S Sridhar. Mohib said he would invite a couple of his friends.

Mohib - in town from Kampala

Mohib and I

Me, Bansi on his bike and Mohib

We decided to meet at Eat Street but it was closed - apparently opens at 12! So Bansi suggested we meet at Elaichi restaurant so we drove there - Srikant, me, Mohib and Bansi on his cycle. Mohib brought Masood Junior and Akhthar along with him for company. 

Vikram, Bansi, Akhthar, Masood, me, Osman, Srikanth and Mohib

Sri, Osman, Akhthar, Masood, Bansi, Vikram, me and Mohib

Sri, Vikram, Bansi, Akhthar, Masood, me and Mohib

At Elaichi we were joined by Vikram Man Singh and Osman. Lot of stories shared from the good old days. Some chai, pav bhaji, poha, sandwiches and we were off.

Good fun.

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