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Liberating Passion - Omar Khan and Paul B Brown

 The by line is 'How the world's best global leaders produce winning results'. The missing link the authors say, in winning results is, passion which amplifies and drives the cause. Passion they say is our inner energy, drive and desire to deliver, to achieve and win.

Passion need not be added into people - it is what we naturally have within us. What we do is generally kill passion with our behaviors which is why 70% of the workforce is not passionate about work. What we have is passion killers. People walk into work with no proper induction, no goal or role clarity, no idea of culture,no mentors or coaches, and no feedback - and are expected to be passionate about their work. One reason is that most of our leaders look at their resources technically and not in a growth-based manner.

Much of this lack of passion s because there is no quality or authenticity of relationships among leaders. Few have the commitment to win their customers, to honour their promise. (Absolutely, positively has to be delivered the next day - Fedex, or Homesick in a hotel - Four Seasons). The authors say that Performance Reviews without active coaching are a joke. Instead employees have to deal with Passion Killers such as - endless boring meetings, lengthy emails, no consumer insights, hypercritical evaluation of their ideas, inadequate positive recognition, no coaching, inter departmental conflict.

So one needs to work on Passion Liberators. One key thing is that most organisations and relationships seem to use communication as a last resort. This is the most common problem. People just do not sit and communicate.

Exercise - World Cafe

In HP they did this exercise where a group of people held a conversation about an issue that needed to be addressed. One person from this group would then hold the conversation with another group taking the inputs from the earlier conversation, and then another person from this group would take it forward and so on. These series of conversations had a great impact and people would keep the communication going and build on it.

The four tests for communication failures are.

- tell the truth early, openly and courageously
- consult early, in development stage
- once ideas are aligned, do we act fast enough
- are we more or less than the sum of the parts

Repair, restore and recreate our relationships

Passion Liberator 1 - Intimacy (Into-Me-See)
Beat fakeness which eats up our time and energy - most times we are worried about discussing what really needs to be discussed
One can beat this by being intimate - sharing our vulnerabilities, share our masks

Exercise - Sharing our masks
Look at where you feel you are least understood? Ask why?
Look for points of friction in interaction, where you rub others the wrong way, where you feel least appreciated and understood

Alternately, look at places where you are most understood. Look at what you think you are, what you are identified as.

I AM - Punctual, Honest, Hardworking

'I am not OK, You are not OK...but that's OK'

Passion Liberator 2 - Right Bull's Eye

What are the most critical priorities and goals of focus of your team mates according to you. Check with teammates.

Without a vision, people perish.

Vision - needs to enroll by tapping into the larger human need to be a part of something that has meaning. Give them something to aim for, a reason to care about making the shot

Vision Purpose - a living commitment. The team needs to connect to it, personalise it, refine it. Like their success to its fulfillment. 90% energy must go to aligning people.

Having done that pick your MUST WIN battles. Over communicate - link people's bonuses, advancement to measures you agreed upon.Make everyone clear on organisation values. Look for behavioral differentiators and not moral ones(Win, Execute and Team)

Questions - 

Is the goal clear and compelling?
Do they know how to contribute?
Do they believe it can be done?
Is their growth based on delivering this?
Would they be proud to achieve it?

Passion Liberator 3 - Radical Conversations
RC goes to the root of the issue or challenge and gets - alignment, commitment or a breakthrough.

Once a powerful context is expressed and stakes are highlighted - be who you are and flex around it

Go through a process of - denial, defensiveness, curiosity and fresh design

Exercise - pick three major impasses - behind them is a radical conversation waiting to be had

Catch hem doing it better.

Passion Liberator 4 - Protecting Possibility

First make peace with reality. With the facts. With 'what is'. Share emotions, our feelings about reality. Don't resist your feelings. What one needs is presence without resistance. Look at what is without our beliefs, conclusions and assumptions.

Exercise - Possibility Focus
1. Look at what went right
Why it went right
Who to thank

2. What has not gone right
What to do to improve

Appreciate and encourage and Challenge and give stimulating future 

Don't get stuck in 'what should be' and change 'what is'

Passion Liberator 5 - Provoking the Future 

Let go of the past
Improve present
Create future

Be futuristic and self cannibalise your best product before the competition does. Have a department to do exactly that. Be future ready.

Look at a provocative future

'How can one get participants WHO WANT to arrive in time for the session?'

What would make them come on time? Sing and dance.

Exercise - 3 wow things to do that improves impact

Separate roots from chains (break chains)

State a reality altering, provocative future

Brainstorm backwards, have frequent shared results conversations

Passion Liberator 6 - Accountability  

To achieve our provocative, possibility rich future, we need accountability in the team.

What can I do to help the team move forward?

Be fully responsible. Praise. Learn from each other.Coach people- help them get better.

Passion Liberator 7 - Living vitality

1. Life is what matters 2. Quality not quantity 3. Embrace challenges 4. Ask what have i learned 5. Say what you have to say 6. Be here now 7. Reach out, reach in 8.Create traditions, celebrations 

1. Make to-don't lists 2. Bring up conversations you want to have 3. Manage your energy

Rules for communication

- 3 slides for presentations
- one page for memos
- 5 minutes per call
- 30 minutes for non-strategic meetings

Passion Liberator 8 - Appreciating Potential

People want to be seen, heard, share their dreams and co create, want to choose whne and how to contribute

Deliberate practice

Passion Liberator 9 - Coaching for growth

Being - doing      


Some very interesting points. I liked the fact that passion is a key element - passion is often confused with a fake high-energy behavior. Passion is a deep, sustained action. It must show in leadership so it can show in the team. The first three are brilliant - intimacy, bull's eye and radical conversations. Then we provoke the future, protect possibility and claim accountability. Understand people, enjoy the journey.

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