Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Uh - Oh - Robert Fulghum

 It looked like one of those easy to flip by books with some interesting anecdotes and some home grown wisdom told in typical Fulghum style, I've read his books 'Kindergarten' one for sure and maybe one other one.

It was an easy read and full of anecdotes. The book has a tag line that says 'Some Observations from Both Sides of the Refrigerator Door'. Now I remember that there was something about a refrigerator but that's about it. Nothing more. There are stories about his friends, colleagues, neighbours (one about the lady with the dog), one about a sky funeral where Fulghum threw ashes out of the plane and they flew right back in - hilarious one that - I couldn't remember any other stories - maybe I was not paying attention. Or maybe I just got the feeling, that sometimes we write because someone wants us to write something like that other one, and it does not really work because we don't have anything to say really.

Anyway I cannot put blame fully on Fulghum. I was rather distracted too. But well, you could flip through it and learn about what's on both sides of the fridge. Thanks S for giving it to me. I will, in the spirit of things, let go of it too. 

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