Tuesday, June 14, 2022

One for the Archives - A Gathering of Old Friends at CV's Son's Wedding

 CV's junior Milind has been known to me since he was in school as a Under 16 kid. Then his progress to India Under 19, first class and IPL is known. So when he got married recently CV, our old tam mate from MCC, Osmania University and so on, somehow managed to call everyone he played with. Very sweet of him. 

Osman, Gaz, Vidyuth, Vikram, Shashi, Ifti, Swaroop, Mujtaba, Ehtu, me, Ravi, Balig, Sriram, Abbas, Ajmal and Bansi

Bansi and I went together to Taj Krishna and it was great fun meeting all the old team mates - Ehtesham, Vidyuth, Gaz, Shashi, Iftekhar, Balig, Mujtaba - and a whole bunch of others.

Like I said, one for the archives. Thanks to Mujjam for the idea and getting us all in. 

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