Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Anjali - A Beautiful Reunion with Sona and Zor!

 For those who remember the story from last year, Anjali had saved and fed Akela and her pups last April. Kroor went missing, maybe someone took it away, Zindagi got bit and died, Sona got her leg fractured when a car ran over it and Anjali heroically saved it from death with visits to the vet and surgeries and all, and Zor survived a scary experience one night. In the end it transpired that Sona and Zor would have to go, and Akela stayed, though she lives out in the backyard.

Anjali with Sona (blue colar), Zor in the background (the white dog is not part of the story)

The parting from Zor and Sona was not easy and if it was tough on me and Shobhs (who's completely guilt ridden with that), Anjali turned her heart to stone and let go. Choudary was brilliant as always, and found a home for Sona and Zor at Beauty Green. I would take biscuits etc and not mention them to Anjali lest she be reminded of her pain.

Over time the two grew up and my last visit I saw them distinctly wearing the collars we had bought them on their last day here. And one week ago when we all visited Beauty Green guess who Anjali saw - Sona and Zor.

It was beautiful to see how the two dogs responded. Sona especially came back after an hour to play with Anjali. You could sense it that she knew. Shobhs also did her own thing with Sona and made her peace. The way Sona rolled over, I think she has forgiven Shobhs.

It was beautiful to watch though. And Anjali, was as happy as ever to see them both healthy and strong and free.       

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