Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Pune Diaries -Day 5

 Malay wanted to visit the Joshi Miniature Railway Museum with his children Lewis and Maxine and asked if Anjali would like to join them. Anjali said she would like to go and we dropped her off. With her growing independence she was quite clear that we need not wait until Malay arrives and chose to wait on her own. Its a lovely experience and I remember going there many years ago with Pooja and Anjali - recommended for anyone in Pune.

Satish, Maxine and Lewis

We returned home and got going with our cleaning and sorting when Malay and Anjali dropped in with Lewis and Maxine. Satish was instantly transformed into a bag of tricks for the kids - doing magic, playing games and making them laugh a minute. They took to him instantly and it was fascinating to see the transformation in Satish. I felt immediately that he should work with young children - such wonderful energy cannot be wasted on adults.

Malay, Maxine, Satish and Lewis

It was fun catching up with Malay for the afternoon and they left after a light lunch. I guess we crashed out for the afternoon as usual. Perhaps a walk to Durga cafe for cold coffee which has now become a regular evening feature. The books have all been sorted and piled up for those who are visiting tomorrow - the family lunch sponsored by Milind and Gauri. Some IPL game surely must have taken up our attention.

Books, books, books

The evenings are pleasant and there's this wonderful fragrance coming form the tree close by - Madhumalti they call it. Even the name is so romantic. Let me see if I can find a pic of that tree.

       Yup, this is the one - creeping around the big tree. Looks lovely against the blue sky.

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