Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Pune Diaries - Historic Trip to Nargund!

 Now this has to be the high point of this trip - the trip to Nargund. Satish was keen on it and Shobha was too - after all it's where their family name comes from. Nargund is three hours from Bijapur and we set off soon after breakfast - the map shows a straight road. If we get there by 1130 we can look around and get back to Badami which is about an hour from Nargund.

Longest bridge ever

It was a nice highway with one of the longest bridges I have ever driven across. Nothing much to write about as far as the scenery goes but the weather held - it was brilliant. We actually made it to Nargund in two and a half hours and stopped at the first sign board. 


The town itself is a small one but since it is a district head quarter it has all the local offices. A court, police, district magistrate's office.


Windmills of the Nargunds

 There are some windmills standing atop this lovely little hill abutting the town - like a whale. We drove right into town till the other end which was not too far away and turned. Satish picked up some mud - the soil of his forefathers - and we stopped at Venkatesh Hotel for coffee and ended up having the best idli ever. 

Best idlis ever

Outside Venkatesh Hotel

On the way back we realised that perhaps the town was off the main highway as we discovered a small road going into the residential part of the town. On another day we would have gone but we didn't.


Historic trip concluded.

Now onwards to Badami!   

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