Tuesday, June 7, 2022

And Another Crop of Mangoes - Thanks Mum!

 Last year was a bit sad  my neighbour wanted me to lop off branches of our beloved mango tree that were over their roof. It turned out that over 40% of the tree had to go - painful to see it like that but the good tree bore it all. Slowly the stumps grew shoots and well it regained strength.

All set for ripening!

And wonder of wonders - it bore no grudge and gave splendid mangoes again this year. Vasu was away so I got Rajesh to pluck some. 

Turns out there were over a 100 (as compared to the 500-600 we got last year). Any way we ripened them and here they are - ready to eat.

Ready to eat - sweet!

Sweet, sweet pedda rasalu. As always we have Mom to thank for her foresight in planting this tree almost 50 years ago. Thanks Mom. And thanks tree!    

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