Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The World We Live In - Me, Me, Me

 I find it interesting when people stop in the middle of the road, block everyone else and continue their conversations or other activities completely oblivious to the discomfort they are subjecting others to. Overall the world is largely low on thoughtfulness one finds and when I find a car driver stopping to let me go because it would ease the traffic (instead of rushing in and messing it up) I know there's hope. But by and large we have people who rush in, mess up the traffic and everyone is stuck.

The Classic Squeeze - Love Expressed in Different Ways

This picture is taken a few weeks ago. I had stopped outside the vets and when I parked my car (the brown one in the middle) was the only one on the road. In a short while the car in front of me, came and parked in a hurry, close enough for me to have to back up because there's not enough space, when he could have parked a little distance away - the entire place was empty and surely a foot here and there would not have helped. But the thought - I parked, now let that guy figure what he wants to do rules. They rushed off with their precious dog.

And then comes the car behind me - and this is even wore. He parks right across the gate of the vet clinic, half into the driveway, and walks in with his dog. The only consideration for him seems to be - I have to be closest to the gate and the door so there's least mount of walking to do. I checked to see if there was some emergency of some kind but no - he sauntered in and out - left the car right there and walked in with his dog. By the time I could catch him  he disappeared into the clinic. I hoped for some sense - maybe he had a two minute job and he would come back I thought. But no - fifteen minutes later Shobhs and Anjali came and I had to maneuver with inches to spare - front and back, front and back - and squeezed out.

I had to take the picture. I have one such of two bikes who parked like that another time - even worse. Maybe these two are the same bike guys - grown up into cars - but not having changed a bit. Its amusing to think about it, about their hurry - but I do hope we get to a place where we have more thoughtfulness for the others around - and sometimes think about them too.     

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