Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Pune Diaries - And Back Home!

 I stayed back and got some more sleep while the others went to Gol Gumbaz for the early morning treat. They came back in an hour or more and after some breakfast we were out heading back to good old Hyd. The weather was a bit hot. The Google maps showed that the road via Gulbarga was shorter or quicker which was a big mistake. It might have been then but as the day wore on, the traffic increased and we could hardly get any distance going. Compared to this uncertainty, the Bijapur-Sholapur road was a certain thing - an hour and a half to Sholapur and five from there to Hyderabad. Superb roads all through.

But the road via Gulbarga was definitely more scenic and went through some lovely towns and villages, fields and greenery, rolling hills and small lakes. The sights of these districts - processions, people gathering for Sunday markets etc were all quaint to see. Things you'd miss on the highway.

Anyway, we made it home safely to Hyd by 4 or so. A couple of weeks of some work, some intense stuff, some fun and well, we're back!

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