Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Pune Diaries - Badami

 From Nargund we headed off to Badami. The rock cut caves are worth a watch and the scenic views from the hill of the Agastya lake and the hills on the other side are worth something. Satish had his gouty foot but he was still enthused enough to climb and to take tons of pics. The monkeys were in abundance as always and one even got its hand on Shobhs handbag and was in he process of unzipping it when a stren 'No' from Shobhs stopped it.

Badami caves (Satish)

Temple on Agastya lake (Satish)

After an hour or so of walking around we went to the faithful KSTDC restaurant and ordered some nice roti, dal and omelet and sated, headed back towards Bijapur. Pattadakkal kept beckoning us all along the way but we were steadfast in our resolve and went straight back to Bijapur.
Another temple

Road to Bijapur (Satish)

Some lovely onion pakoda and chai and then some cold beer  while watching an IPL game and we were all set to turn in. These three are planning to go early to Gol Gumbaz tomorrow after which we will head back home after a couple of weeks.

Panaromic views (Satish)

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