Friday, June 10, 2022

The Yellow Diary - Marz

 Abhinay visited and we spent the day together chatting about this and that. After lunch we both participated in a 'Passion Test' session by Shobhs - which was pretty revelatory. This test of your true passions always throws up some surprises and I could see that my current passion was to enjoy my own company, laugh a lot, write, be close to nature and stuff like that. Abhinay also cracked some interesting stuff.

Anjali arrived and they both played some cricket and then did some collaborative painting. Later in the evening, after y walk, we sat down and I asked Abhinay to play a few songs that he has been listening to and he did. I find this the best way to catch up on music - years ago I would ask all my young nieces and nephews to share their top 20 songs and voila, I had a clue to their soul and to the latest in music.

Now Abhinay chanced upon this son quite by accident but the moment I heard the sound I was drawn to it. It sounded like a foreign language - think its Punjabi mostly - but cannot say. But the sound - man - I loved it. So here it is, thanks to Abhinay and Spotify, 'Marx' by The Yellow Diary.

I fully love the sound. None of their other songs sound like this though.

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