Thursday, June 16, 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air - Old World Niceties!

 Of the many proposals I send for my books and stuff I get very few responses. It's almost like they don't even acknowledge that someone took the trouble of sending a mail, professionally (I am not seeking donations), and you can simply say - "hey, got your mail. we don't do that kind of stuff." Or even "sorry mate, we don't do people like you.'

At least say something!

But over years I have got used to these cold shoulders and I still send my proposals numbly. This year also I sent a proposal out to many stalwarts (hope is a funny thing - it keeps your illusions and delusions alive). As always no one responded. I didn't expect any better. 

But hey!

Teesta Guha Sarkar of Pan Macmillan replied immediately. Simple and sweet. Nice and polite. 'We received your mail and we'll get back to you".

Ah, there's hope. I loved it.

I wrote back saying I really appreciated her response. And she replied again.

My faith in the future of humanity is now reinforced. Thanks Teesta. That was a huge mail you sent.  

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