Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 - Movie

 Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 is something I might not have ventured by myself but happened to - and soon found out that a girl and boy who meet on the bus which has an accident where everyone dies but the boy who claims he can speak with spirits and says the girl died and is a ghost and sent him with some purpose of bringing the family of the haunted haveli together.The girl wants to escape matrimony to a guy who her sister loves and is waiting for them to marry and also get rid of the famous ghost in the house. Two funny priests and a pretty ghost (Tabu) who has a double role and lots of timepass and all's well and it ends well for most (some people die thanks to the bad ghost). Kartik Aryan carries his role lightly and does a nice job and Kiera Advani is nice to look at.


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