Thursday, June 30, 2022

Anek - Movie

 2022. Hindi. A secret service agent is sent to the North East to break up the separatist groups who believe they were never treated like they were part of India and hence they are not Indians. The way to bring peace in the North East seems to be more dangerous than the existing situation as they create a new separatist group to reduce the clout of the main group and thus add fuel to the fire. In the politics that ensure, reaching the peace accord becomes bigger which means that the bigger warlord has to be appeased by sacrificing the one they created (one who is actually using that name to do some good work as well) and there are moral dilemmas.

Interestingly we see JD Chakravarthy after a long time and he does not lose any of his charm as Anjaiah Bellamkonda, IPS - a rather difficult name to process if you know Andhra and its names. Ayushman Khurana looks fir for the role and carries it off with great conviction. The young boxer and her story runs as a parallel, she representing the North East and Ayushman representing the government or mainland, making promises and deceiving her. Their love story however was rather weakly portrayed - for a while it appeared that he was mentoring or being the Big Brother to her but apparently he was in love.

In the end she wins and wears an India jacket. Nicely done. Gives a good insight into that play. Watch.


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