Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Pavan Parimi's Podcast - A First For Me

I met Pavan a decade ago when he attended a workshop that Amar and I conducted for corporate executives ambitiously titled 'The Champion's Mindset'. It was full of conviction and passion and Pavan was fully engaged throughout. Thereafter he left his company 'Great Sports Infra' but has been in touch with me. In fact, when he was with Oakridge he offered me an opportunity to conduct Creative Writing courses which was a first for me then. We have been in touch, on and off. Pavan shares his writing, his ideas and ambitions.

So when he came  up with the idea of a podcast where we could talk about my life as a cricketer, writer and a workshop facilitator - I said why not. Here it is - the first part of the podcast.

In Pavan's words:

He didn't explore his passion for cricket. Cricket explored him and his passion in the sport.  This first episode of the two takes the beginnings of Hari Mohan as a cricketer in the 1980s - his stint in Ranjih cricket, some of the great friendships he could make in that journey - all the while, till he ignited his writing career.

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