Monday, July 6, 2020

Mohan Joshi Haazir Ho - Movie

1984. Saeed Mirza.

Mohan Joshi (Bhisham Sahni, brother of Balraj Sahni and writer of Tamas) is a tenant in a chawl in Bombay. The chawl is in a dilapidated state and Joshi wants the chawl owner, Kapadia, to get it repaired. The chawl owner wants his tenants to leave so he can construct a huge building there. Mohan Joshi approaches the court through his lawyers Malkani (Naseer) and Gokhale (Satis Shah). Kapadia counters them. The seesaw battles continue until the judge agrees to visit the Chawla. Kapadia misleads the judge with some cover-up job, but Joshi has to take drastic action to make the judge realise how serious the situation is.

Enjoyed watching.

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