Monday, July 20, 2020

Jack Patel's Dubai Dreams - PG Bhaskar

It's been lying in the bookshelf for a long while and I remember picking it up once to read and for some reason did not progress further. But this time it flew like a shot. Bhaskar has a nice easy style of telling the story and has complete control over it from beginning to end so there was nothing to complain about.

Jack Patel is a Gujarathi boy living in Chennai. After completing his IIM from Bangalore he lands a job in an investment firm in Dubai. How Jack rises to the top of the Myers Corp, his client calls, his colleagues, family etc made an amusing read. There is a small romance in the middle with a client's daughter which works out well so all's well and that ends well. The financial jargon was a bit heavy or me and I had nightmares of the time I spent with the IDBI at the same time that the book is set in. The characters were all likeable, the girls in the office Peggy, Melissa, the Sardarji client, Kitsch and others. I could visualise the entire story in my mind.

Bhaskar writes well. I haven't seen any other book by him. I remember my friend Krishna Shastri Devulapalli recommending the book to me. Coming from Krishna, that's high praise. Nice, easy, funny read.

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