Thursday, July 16, 2020

Asuran - Movie

2019. Caste atrocities story based on the Kilvenmani massacre of 1968 when 44 farmers (let's not address them as dalits and reduce the import of the murder - even dalits are people!) were murdered by a gang of landlords and 200 of their henchmen. Of the 44 dead, 23 were children, 16 were women. They hid in a hut when the landlords attacked them and the hut was burned down, the fire systematically fed. The courts acquitted the leader of the landlords (the Paddy Producers Association) Gopalakrishna Naidu - who was subsequently killed in a revenge killing in 1980.

'Asuran' uses caste inequality as the core theme, leads into the farmers forming a union to seek better wages and conditions and how the landlords take revenge on the poor farmers. It gives a glimpse of how  the poor were treated - cannot wear slippers (if you do, they will beat you), fall at everybody's feet for any perceived misdemeanour, how the police, landlords, government, judiciary are all together against the poor.

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Narayanapillai said...

Thanku so much for considering my request. I hope you enjoyed the acting of the hero in this movie