Monday, July 6, 2020

Canteen Fundas - What's the Good Word?

Choose your words carefully!

How words can help you move forward or even hold you back

Pro Tip: The words you habitually use affect your reality. Change words that hold you back, choose words that move you forward

Hey Rinku, Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘How’s life?’

‘Awesome, bhaiyya,’ said Rinku.
‘So-so, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘Surviving.’
‘So, tell me, how has the pandemic affected your lives?’ asked Rakesh.
‘It’s interesting,’ said Rinku. ‘I’m curious to see how it turns out.’
‘I’m devastated, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘It’s the worst thing ever.’
‘Hmm,’ said Rakesh. ‘You know, I read the book Awaken the Giant Within by coach and speaker Anthony Robbins. He says that the words we habitually use can transform our emotions, shape our beliefs and behaviours and consequently, our life.’
‘You mean if we choose our words right, we can change how we feel, and thereby, change our reality?’ asked Rinku.
‘Yes,’ said Rakesh. ‘Let’s try it out. Give me some dull, negative words to complete the sentence — My life is…’
‘Boring, sucks, not working, messed up…’ said Rahul.
‘Great,’ said Rakesh. ‘Now suggest some energetic, fun, exciting words to complete the same sentence — My life is…’
‘Awesome, never better, fantastic, amazing…,’ said Rinku.
‘Did you feel any different?’ asked Rakesh.
‘Massively,’ said Rinku. ‘The energetic words made me feel alive.’
‘But,’ said Rahul. ‘How can changing words change anything?’
‘Good question, Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘The words we use set the context — and context changes everything.’
‘I understand, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘But I don’t feel awesome.’
‘Do you want to feel awesome?’ asked Rakesh. ‘Change things?’
‘Yes, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul.
‘Try changing your vocabulary,’ said Rakesh. ‘Stop using negative words. Robbins says changing even one key word can transform a behavioural pattern. Every word we use is a label we are sticking on an experience — a label that brings up the feelings associated with that experience. By choosing words that break disempowering patterns you can change things.’
‘Any examples, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku.
‘Yes,’ said Rakesh. ‘Like, using ‘I’m spectacular’ instead of ‘I’m good’ elevates energy. Using ‘I could’ instead of ‘I should’ reduces self-imposed stress. Start with a few words. Try it for ten days.’
‘Thanks a gazillion, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I’m making the most astounding chai ever made. Right now!’

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