Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thought for the Day - What Is Is, There Is No Other

A large portion of stress is created by wanting to be in some place other than where we are right now. It holds for everything - physically, in your career, in relationships. Yeh di maange more! Dump what is there, we want what is not there.
No. I don't want to be here! I want to be some far off place.
For example. We want to be in Switzerland (like all our friends on fb are!). We cannot get there right now for whatever reasons. But we want to be there badly. We hope something will happen. When something does not happen we feel bad for ourselves. Why didn't something happen? What is this life? Why?  Why? (I can feel the stress rising! Even though I don't really want to be in Switzerland)

Something will not happen by itself of course. You have to do something about it. Other than cribbing.

The point is not really about Switzerland is it? Switzerland is just an excuse to stay unhappy. If you wanted to go, you'd go. You'd do something about it.

The point is really about the consciousness that could make the quality of our life as good - here in the ordinary life or in Switzerland. Or wherever.

By being here and now. Being in 'what is'.

'What is' is this. What is is 'not Switzerland'. Its what's here. Ordinary. Mundane. Boring. Nothing more. Nothing less. It's not your memory of what it used to be. Its not your fantasy of your future. It is exactly what it is. Warts and all.

Look closely.

If one can get comfortable with that, it's possible that one could get unstuck. And then one can move freely.

Welcome to 'what is'.

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