Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Anjali - But I'd Have Thrown Those Candies

I stocked up my car with candy again, to give them to the kids I meet at traffic signals. A couple of days ago I saw this really small kid tapping car windows - one of those happy children with a spring in his step. I quickly got my candy out to give him a few. But before he came to our car, the light changed to green and traffic started moving.

The kid turned back and started running back to his mother who was sitting on the lawns near the traffic signals. I was still hoping to still catch his attention but the speed of the traffic picked up and we passed him by, the candy still in my hand. Too bad, I thought.

As I was putting the candy away, I heard Anjali say from the backseat.
'If it was me, I'd have thrown the candy on the lawns. He'd have loved eating them.'

So true.

And here I was, consumed with the appropriateness of the act of throwing stuff. But what was important in that situation was the intent. In retrospect, I wish I'd thrown the candy. It would have really been such a fine surprise for the young kid who'd be least bothered about appropriateness anyway. How nice to have candy raining from the sky!

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