Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Golconda Resorts - Lovely Retreat

Had a chance to enjoy the hospitality of Golconda Resorts recently due to an extremely fortuitous turn of events. The said resort is located near Gandipet, on the road that veers towards where Treasure Island was (don't know if it is still there). My memories of Gandipet include going to CBIT and beating them in a cricket match and a couple of trips to Treasure Island which are best forgotten.
Golconda Resorts at sunrise

I have been to the resort on a couple of occassions previously, short visits, and found it extremely well landscaped and maintained. It's easily the best resort I have seen in Hyderabad (not that I am an expert on resorts, but still). We checked in at 7 in the evening and settled into our well earned rest. The rooms are extremely well designed and very comfortable. Since our stay was for 3 days rest was high on my priority (like I wasn't getting enough). I had packed several books, videos and stuff so you get the general idea.
Another view

Sometime late at night the air conditioner went ballistic but it was too late to get help, so we bore it out. Changed the room next day though. I went off for a walk around the premises and found that it was slightly smaller than what I had imagined it to be. But it was landscaped beautifully and maintained well. It was a lovely morning.
Yet another view
The pools are well maintained. Anjali and I played cricket. Then she wanted to go cycling. Then get back to lunch. Nap. Out in the evening again. Some more cycling, swimming, reading, eating. In the room it was TV, IPL etc. Get the idea.
One of the many trails to walk, cycle
The pride of Golconda, the restaurant perched on top of the minar, offers a fine view of the Osman Sagar lake and the surroundings. We chose to go for lunch (else we get to stare into darkness - not a good sight) and get an eyeful of the surroundings. Nothing to knock you off your feet really - the view I mean - the lake's shrunk. The menu was interesting with many Hyderabadi dishes being served in a very Hyderabadi way. We had to try the biryani.
The pool

All in all the food was fine, not outstanding, which was a disappointment because I do love the food that the Golconda Hotel serves up in town. When I say that I mean that it did not have a wow element. Maybe I picked the off days (you see, I really love these guys)! Same for the other restaurant near the pool (forget its name) though I enjoyed breakfast. Service was excellent all through.

We found the TT table on the last evening and played a few games. When we finally moved out early on Day 4, we had no regrets really. Anjali wrote a fine thank you note for the management and that says it all. Like I said, its easily the best resort around.

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