Monday, June 15, 2015

Anjali - A Motivational Technique

Now, seven and a half, Anjali enjoys playing games - real and virtual. The other day we were playing a game of table tennis on Wii Sports. I was playing that game and was in a healthy lead of 4-1 (game finishes at 6 points). When I conceded a point carelessly she cautioned me - "Finish the game Nanna. If you lose more points, the other chap will win."

I lost another point.

'I will cheer both of you ok,' she said. 'I will cheer whoever wins a point.'

I was surprised. Why was she cheering the other fellow? I made up my mind not to let the fellow get any point. I played hard and soon finished the game.

She was happy.
'You know, I know a technique to make you play better,' she said.

What technique, I asked.

"When I cheer the other fellow you will get angry and play even better? That way you will win."


'Where did you learn the technique?" I asked.

"Mansi taught me,' she said. 'The other day Mansi's brother Kushal and I were playing a game when Mansi started cheering Kushal loudly. I asked her why she was cheering him and not me, her friend, Mansi said - if I cheer him you will get angry and play well and beat him. That's where I learned this technique.'

Some man management technique, this. It was only in the last year that I was thinking how some of the biggest motivators were the barbs we faced in our lives. They sure are and find application in our daily lives it looks like.

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madhav said...

They learn early don't they.

jawan ho ya budiya, ya nani se gudiya......