Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thought for the Day - Do We Love Only The Loveables?

Something I read got me thinking. When we say we love something, do we love only the loveable things? Things we love?

And hate things we hate?

What if we love even things we hate? Things that bother us, upset us, infuriate us? What if we love all the things we hate about ourselves, about others etc and not just love things we love?

(As opposed to hating things we hate and hating things we love as well? Which most of us do.)

That would give a whole new twist to the word love would it not? Is it how it's supposed to be used?

Love everything - good and bad.

They say that most of our issues get sorted out if we love ourselves (with our good and bad). In that case, this 'love all' may just be a new dimension to view life.


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