Monday, June 1, 2015

Thought for the Day - This Life Now, Or An Alternate Life

It is our choice to live this life now. Or to reject it and choose to live alternate realities.

To live our life as it is now, needs awareness. Needs us to be present and live each moment totally. To accept, receive life as it plays out.

When we reject what is, we create alternate lives, the future and the past. We disengage with the now. We spread ourselves thin across other planes.

When we choose not to address this reality, our resources to engage with it deplete. It grows bigger - in all its good or bad.

If we do not wish this reality, the only way is to go deeper into it. The escape plan is there.

Our reality plays out based on our intensity of engagement (or awareness, or totality of concentration) with what is. To find answers, the path, be aware and be still in what is.

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