Friday, June 12, 2015

Thought for the Day - Hope vs Decide

My big question for a long time has been this. How does one get into the space where you 'decide' the outcome of things as against 'hoping' for them to happen.

Hoping (in my opinion) is when you are walking towards the goal, hoping that if you get some help, you may get there. Most times you won't, because you really don't want to get there.

Deciding is when you have already reached the goal in your mind. You love the process of getting there, enjoy the outcome. From the end in mind, you are now walking back, removing the obstacles on the way. This had been decided, done.

Typically 'deciding' is about a larger cause. It's something that's done for the pleasure of doing it, because it had to be done. It's normally big in scale. It influences many lives. 'Hoping' is normally about you, getting a treasure you haven't really worked for or have the consciousness to hold.

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