Sunday, June 28, 2015

ABCD 2 - Movie Review

Nice. Remo puts together a decent story, decent performances and some really nice dance sequences and keeps you entertained through the movie. Full on entertainment except that the second half could have done with some trimming. The story is as old as the hills and Remo makes no effort to do anything different with it. He puts all his energy into what he knows best - dancing - which is fine. No point messing the core trying to be something you are not. Like he says - express, don't look to impress. Express he does, with all that he knows well.

Couple of dance sequences - for me the Bezubaan one and the Ganpati one - worked really well. Varun, Shraddha, Lauren and all dancers pitch perfect. Prabhudeva is himself. Nice to see Pooja Batra again. Why was she not in the role of the estranged wife?

Recommend. Yes. Nice energy. Fun.

'Life is all about the next step' - Guess who said these lines? Watch the movie to find out.

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