Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Telangana Formation Day - Hyderabad All Decked Up

I saw some activity on the roads yesterday. The city was being decked up with lights and stuff for the first anniversary of the Telangana State Formation Day. It looked promising. So I decided to take a trip round the city. Never saw the city look so colorful.
Trees lit up in blue - Road No 2
Near the CM's camp office.
Not the best pic - it actually looks like a golden cascade
Near Charminar - 1030 and its still crowded

Charminar all lit up
Near Secretariat

Turning into the Secretariat road
Towards Prasad's


A smiling tree
And a dancing road


Rajbhavan Road - Lit lawns, gold dust

Rajbhavan Road

Some heavenly stuff

It winds on and on

Whizzing past

Flyover at Punjagutta

The lights seem to come at you

More star dust

Going around the KBR park

Down the slope near TRS Bhavan
The ride was long but was well worth it. Am sure it might be better tomorrow. Saw many chaps working - some poor fellows painting the dividers in the evening traffic near the Paradise flyover, many others putting up more of the lights, policemen all around.

All government buildings seemed to be well lit. The garden opposite the Public Gardens and even the one opposite Nizam's College looked spectacular. Could not get decent snaps of those.

Happy Telangana Formation Day!

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