Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bed and Board - Movie Review

I did not know that this movie was part Francois Truffaut's five film series on the life of Antoine Doniel (ordinary man, no one famous) until I started reading about it (not that it would have made a difference - just that someone made a five film series!). Young Antoine is married to the pretty Christine. He makes a living by doing some chemical process on flowers to change their colors while she teaches piano lessons.

Antoine discovers he is not very good at changing colours of flowers and finds a new job - of  remotely moving toy ships in a simulated port. His wife is pregnant and soon a son follows. An affair for Antoine also follows - with a Japanese girl. Domestic strife, then a small patch up and ends in separation.Poignant lines by Antoine in the end to his wife -'You've always been my mother, my sister etc'. 'But never your wife' she says speaking of the affection they share. The characters around the couple, at home and at work, make it so delightful to watch. Also the 1970s feel. Ah, how I love the 1970s. It was a period when the eye saw only what it wanted to see.

Enjoyed it.

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