Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Single Man - Movie Review

I don't know what I expected from this sensitive love story but it was a shade too slow and a shade too intense. The intense Colin Firth plays the role of a gay Prof waking up to memories of his now-dead lover. Colin is obviously not taking the death of his gay lover too well - he has plans - to commit suicide. The pistol is loaded.

His friend, Julianne Moore, who, apart from giving him moral support, also wants a relationship with him, makes a futile attempt to interest Colin Firth. Colin, sensibly, finds the eyes of a male student more interesting. Sparks fly. The two share a drink, go skinny dipping and go home. The young kid discovers proof of the old lover in the form of a picture in the drawer, the loaded pistol and puts one and one together (picture and pistol). He hides the pistol under the blanket and both go to sleep in separate rooms. Colin wakes up first, sees this act of kindness, and his desire to live comes alive. He seems to have made peace with the death of his lover, when he suffers a fatal heart attack and dies.

Moral of the story. If the gun does not kill you, relief will. Verdict: It's a bit slow. 

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