Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa - Movie Revisiting

I watched 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa' again and relived the magic of the 1990s. Kundan Shah's movie made me all nostalgic. Watched it with Anjali whose respect for old Hindi movies has gone up ever since she watched 'Sholay' recently.

When I watched this movie the first time, in 1994, I liked it. (Its very likeable that way.) But there's something about watching these movies after some 20 years - suddenly they appear like classics. Even normal lyrics appears like poetry. And Shahrukh Khan acted well and I wonder how I missed that the first time around. How is he so light on his feet I wonder? So it did appear to me to be a minor classic.

Goa. Shahrukh. The band with Ashutosh Gowariker as Imran, pre-Lagaan days. Deepak Tijori. Suchitra Krishnamoorti. Naseeruddin Shah and his sab rasste bhagwan ke paas hi jaate hain. Satish Shah. Tiku Talksania. Anjan Shrivastav (Wagle saab). And Goga Kapoor as Don Anthony Gomes. I believe every actor has one role that defines him - MacMohan as Samba in Sholay, Raza Murad as the dying poet in Namak Haraam, Shakti Kapoor as Gun Master Go Go in Andaz Apna Apna. This is Goga Kapoor's classic. I even remember his dialogues and expressions. Main tera fan ban gaya re.

Lovely music (Ae kaash ke ham is still a favorite of mine! So is Deewana.). Frothy screenplay. No wonder Shahrukh counts this as his favorite film. This is my best Shahrukh film any day. Wonder what all the others in the cast think when they see this movie now - Suchitra, Deepak etc. Looks like some classics might just get revisited what with the young lass liking these movies - bad prints and all.

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