Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love Yourself - Making a Difference to Your Life

In many ways, getting into action can get us feeling good about ourselves. Small acts that we can control, that move us out of the reactive state, are creative. When we do something 'for ourselves' i.e. do it whether someone approves it or not, we start feeling good. My secret intention is to start building such a community of people who start doing small acts of love for themselves. 

Some years ago when I first started doing the workshop for MBAs, the concept of ownership, self worth was discussed and I left it at doing 21 things out of your comfort zone for  21 days as a practice of changing our mindset.

Then one day I wrote down some acts which I think I never shared. Initially 21 acts for 21 days. I found that list now, and realised I could use it too. And added some more. 

Some acts - some of them written specially for students so you may have to modify them.

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Gift a plant
  3. Give a lecture
  4. Learn a new word and use it with a friend
  5. Talk to your sweeper, cook, watchman and find out about their lives, families
  6. Talk to one successful person a week and ask the route to success
  7. Make a one page plan for your business and see how it makes a difference
  8. Teach one word, one concept to a small child, teach a thank you, please
  9. Take up one improvement at home or campus and do it 
  10. Smile at one new person, at everyone after that
  11. Introduce yourself to a new person
  12. Walk instead of taking the bus
  13. Organize a tree plantation drive
  14. Organize a clean campus, clean college drive
  15. Donate blood
  16. Donate organs
  17. Make tea or coffee for your parents, friends
  18. Ask your mother her dreams
  19. Clean your room
  20. Get rid of all stuff you don't need
  21. Gift a pencil to a poor school child
  22. Tell one concept to a person who might benefit from it
  23. Teach a school kid one concept he cannot understand
  24. Offer to make a business plan to your canteen wala
  25. Pray with a friend of another religion
  26. Educate a slum about health and sanitation
  27. Pick up trash
  28. Do gardening
  29. Start a book reading group 
  30. Start a book club, a movie club and discuss
  31. Start a political discussion
  32. Start a movement on how to promote honesty and transparency (reduce corruption)
  33. Make a difference with one act every day
  34. Promote peace - speak peacefully for a whole day
  35. Make one person smile
  36. Pay one compliment 
  37. Do one thing that you have been putting off
  38. Call one old friend to say Hi
  39. Visit someone and give them a small gift like a chocolate
  40. Go to the mirror and smile at yourself - you are doing a good job
  41. Write down 50 dreams, then write 50 things to do towards achieving them
  42. Say yes to everything
  43. Tell someone who needs support that you fully believe in him or her
  44. Make a list of all the people you take for granted and thank them - in your own way
  45. Pay money joyfully every time you pay
  46. Buy one thing for yourself for your own enjoyment and enjoy it fully
  47. Make a connection with one new person every day - for 30 days
  48. Give candy to a child begging at the traffic signals
  49. Take a selfie with a cop - like they do at Buckingham palace or in the USA
  50. Write a letter to all the people who made a difference to you

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