Friday, June 19, 2015

Thought for the Day - Looking for Approval, The Silent Killer

If there is one thing that kills people, its their need for approval from others. This need for approval makes us not do so many things wholeheartedly, makes us physically and mentally ill. All we crave is for this person or that person (the world for us) to smile, acknowledge, or give an encouraging word and our world is right. Vested with this wonderful power (given by us) this person, the world for us, can choose to remain silent, be grumpy, look unhappy or whatever and by just doing nothing, make you grovel, make you beg, make you shake your head and seek forgiveness with folded hands. And also fall greatly in our self-esteem.
I approve of the sunrise! I don't care if you don't.

Looking for approval can be a silent killer. It can make a living wreck of you.

If there is one way to get out of this trap that most are in, its to understand that there is only person whose approval matters. It is our own. Only we need to approve of our acts, our thoughts, our creations. And after that, to hell with the world.

Identify these silent killers in your life. They are the ones who use silence, anger, unhappiness, to make you feel terrible. To make you feel less than. Not their fault really. Because you have given them the power to make you feel this way. Slowly take this power back i.e. stop looking for their approval. Ask yourself if its good enough for you - if it is then celebrate.

I love this affirmation I read in a Louise Hay book - I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.

The silent killers can go take a hike. They can disapprove all they want - who cares. We approve of ourselves.

Signed and sealed by the Department of Approvals.

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