Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seneca Global Book Club - An Event

Rao Tummalapalli is a successful entrepreneur and one with great many ideas. His new company Seneca Global has just exploded into a bigger company and with almost 500 young minds to work with, he has many plans, many ideas to empower them and make them fly.

One fine idea that the company follows is the Book Club idea. It meets every Tuesday before office hours (830 am). One book is taken up, each member reads it and comes prepared for a fine discussion. This Tuesday, June 24, 2015, the Book club chose to discuss from 50 Not Out and they invited me to be part of the discussion.

It was a lively discussion that went on beyond the prescribed time with many incisive questions, thoughts, discussions on the concepts in the book. Mukul, the driving force behind this event confessed that he personally liked the chapter on humility (wow!). Sharma ji said he liked the format the book had been presented in and added to what I tried to explain about with regards to aggression and patience. Raja asked questions about the subtle difference between patience and aggression. Rao shared freely from his own experiences - high on energy as usual.

I'd love to go back for a longer talk there someday soon. It is an exciting time to share stuff on mindsets.   


Rajendra said...

great idea-the book club. Maybe I'll start one locally.

Harimohan said...

Do. Its a lovely idea.