Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I love Ophthalmologists

I went to the opthalmologist for some treatment yesterday. I found that the whole experience was quite nice. Intimate rather. The fact that the opthalmologist was looking closely into my eyes with great care and concern made me feel very nice and cared for. For a few moments it seemed that I was the object of great love - or perhaps - great concern. Though the light was blinding and I could not reciprocate the ophthalmologist's care and concern (and intimacy), I felt very nice being on the receiving end.

I started thinking that perhaps we should visit the ophthalmologist every month so you experience this being looked at closely into one's eyes. Maybe we could persuade the ophthalmologist to look into our eyes without the blinding light (or on second thoughts, maybe its better the light is there, makes it more mysterious).

This syncs in with another great idea I once had. The idea was to start a diagnostic centre called 'Good Results Diagnostics'. It is based on my experience that in most cases my visits to doctors and diagnostic centres have (thankfully!) been due to some unknown and unfounded anxieties in my mind. The moment I paid the the consultation fee the symptoms vanished, most times even before I took the first dose of medicine. So, if we have a diagnostic centre that only gives you the perfect results (only they follow the procedure of collecting money, doing the test etc). Just that there are no tests really done. The perfect results are given to you at the end of the anxious wait. All's well.

The great placebo effect.

But this other idea, the ophthal idea, is no placebo. It consists of real clinics that have doctor-people who look deep into your eyes, who hold your hand, who warmly place a hand on your shoulder, who for a few minutes make you feel like you are the centre of the world. (Now most people are uncomfortable being the centre of the world for various reasons so we need a medical reason as a good excuse.) They walk into the clinic for some seemingly minor ailment, meet all these wonderfully warm and intimate people, and go home feeling warm and cared for. Of course they pay a small premium for all this wellness. Now this is purely medical and no self indulgences will be entertained. Ten minutes and off you go.

Now, that's my idea of a wellness centre. Until the idea really takes off we will have to do with the real doctors - the ophthalmologists for one are great to visit and I recommend them. I can see various other forms of extreme thoughts arising even as I write when one considers the other specialisations. So at this moment I will fully restrict myself to ophthalmologists only.

Or perhaps we can start a look-into-eyes therapy. Start at home with a willing participant. Happy looking into eyes.

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Rajendra said...

very good observation, and idea. I had this intimate experience a couple of years ago.