Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thought for the Day - You are Your Best Part

I remember writing a post called 'you are not your worst part' some time ago.

Then the other day, while listening to someone talk, it struck me that we could choose to look at ourselves as the sum of the best parts of ourselves. (That was the general idea of a workshop that I did, and still do).
The dark or the light?
Typically we tend to downplay our positives and good moments. We highlight our weaknesses and faults. Most times we are obsessed with our weaknesses and faults. Our life is seen as perfect only when there are no troubles at all. The slightest trouble is seen as a huge betrayal of the promise. All the good is thrown out along with this.

One reason why we downplay our big highs and overplay our negatives is that when things work, we don't accept responsibility for that. (But when it does not, we take full blame for that.) When things go well, it is because of god, karma etc. When things go wrong, it is because of us, our bad luck.

Try this.

Think of ten of your biggest achievements, greatest highs, wonderful moments. Write them down. It takes time. Its difficult to get our minds to look in that direction. Normally we miss some of these. I always found it difficult to think of the nice things and missed a few important ones. (Its almost like I want to forget them or hide them away lest they get exposed and spoil the illusion.)

On the other hand thinking of ten worst things that happened to us is easy. Our mind is generally in that space so it instantly identifies these.

We almost revel in our misfortunes. We are apologetic about our good fortune.

As the sum total of what we are, our thoughts and achievements, we generally present an apologetic us. With many downsides. The negatives weigh heavily and trample the few positives. Its difficult to move this person. He seems stuck.

Obviously that is not the truth.

Take the best parts only Make a list of all the good things that happened to you, that you were part of, that you achieved, that you experienced, that you created, the compliments of friends and family, the moments of joy and exhilaration. Let's say you are now as big as these - that you can create more such whenever you please and more. Your limits are now stretched this far and you can go further. All this is you. All beyond is you.

There is a creative energy building up now.

Can we throw off the shackles of those negatives? We can. What good are they? Some bad experiences, some memories, some failures of the past? Okay, let them go.

Spread your wings. And fly.

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