Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thought for the Day - Joy Kills Fear

Fear, says AP, is the biggest obstacle to our growth. So it seems, when we look at the words of the masters.

This much seems quite clear. We cannot do away with fear. It will be there every time we go out and try and do something worthwhile.
There's joy here. I see no fear.
So what do we do the next time we are doing something and fear comes up? Do we pray? Do we stress ourselves out?

I suggest we do the next best thing. Which is to go after an emotion that totally overcomes fear. An emotion that envelops, overwhelms, pooh poohs all that fear brings up.

To work, bring an element of joy. Well...but how?

Find a way to laugh. Find the funnest route to be around that job. Be the fool. Make a joke. Sing. Clown around. Do anything but be serious. The more serious you are the more the fear wins. The less serious you are, the more you win.

Being less serious is only about the outcome. The process is done with utmost dedication. When we smile and laugh we add a great creative energy to the work. We add a touch of divine to it really. Fear has no place where there is laughter.

Bash on regardless. Be fun. Make work fun. You can see how the energy envelops your work. How it envelops all around you. I forget where I read this but you must be like the music that makes everyone dance.

Its not difficult. Tell yourself you will have fun. And have fun. Despite all else.
Then figure if you did well this way or that. Joy vs Fear. Process vs Outcome. Serious vs Fun.

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