Friday, November 14, 2014

Thought for the Day - The 'Decision' is When it Changes

It sank into me once again. How important the decision is in your mind. The moment you 'decide' is when the universe acknowledges you and your desire.As long as we are hoping, it does not register it.
Decide - And the way opens

Take for example this issue that dogged me for almost a year. I was being billed for two connections when I only had one. Th effort to get the concerned department to acknowledge the problem, to address it took a long time. In the end, my main issues were sorted out but the paperwork, the details were still left out. Any closure could only happen once the paperwork was done. They were avoiding me, avoiding the paperwork which could pin responsibility on one of them.

But I needed it for my record. After a couple of weak, hopeful attempts I realised that there might be no interest from the department to give me any closure. It was in my own interest.

They pushed me to the key moment - the 'decision'

I decided this week that I would go every day to that office until I got my closure. One connection had to be disconnected.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. They were refusing to meet me. Clerks would disappear. Officers would not meet me. But I would sit there.

Yesterday, it happened again. The looks on the clerks, the peons and then their resignation when they saw the look on my face. I am not going.

After an hour of furious activity, of totally ignoring me, one clerk came out and gave me the paper. Done. If Ihad not 'decided' it would have gone on forever.

Decide. If you wish to get the universe to work with you.

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