Monday, November 24, 2014

Thought for the Day - What Do We Take Responsibility For (or How to be Happy When the World is Falling Down)

The issues at hand are humongous. They appear too big to handle. The end is out of sight. They need focus, energy and momentum.

Can I handle it?

This is the point when we start doubting ourselves. Are we doing enough? Is there something I am missing?

Doubts bring up our worst fears. Our weaknesses and foibles come up for scrutiny.  

Debts. Business plans. Careers. Relationships. Life.

Am I capable of handling this responsibility? Am I doing it well enough? 

Am I the right person?

To address the stress that builds up in such situations, get the right perspective. What are the boundaries? What am I responsible for? How will I know when I have done enough?

What are we responsible for really?

We are responsible only for 
1) The  present moment - how we respond to this moment is all that matters.
2) For Our actions - what we do this moment that creates and facilitates the most of the moment matters. 
3) For our thoughts and feelings - the quality of our thoughts that induces feelings of joy and well being in the moment. Follow the happy path while being at the job that means so much to you (don't laze off saying it will give you joy!)

These are things under our control right now.

What are we not responsible for really? 
These are things that are not under our control. They are incidentally also the things that are adding to the stress. They are: 
1) All that is not the present moment - i.e. the past and the future (throws out half the stress). 
2) Our choice of actions - are we taking shortcuts because we are now acting out of fear. 
3) Other people's thoughts and feelings - we are not responsible for what others are feeling, let them deal with it.
5) The outcome - give it the best shot and see how it pans out.

The parts that are uncontrollable are the ones that add to the stress and put doubt in our minds. They can mess with the result too.

To get the best outcome focus on the controllables. Focus on the route that makes the moment happy (while at the job).

So what do we do with the stuff that we cannot control? We cannot throw out the fact that the results are not looking good, that people are unhappy, that external factors appear unfavorable. The world is loaded against me!

One way that most people suggest to handle such stuff is to leave it to the higher power to handle. I can do this much, you do your part. These are things for me to do. These larger stuff are for god or the universe to do. Trust the higher intelligence  to take care of it well. Trust yourself to take care of your part well.

That is all that there is to it.

Even when it appears that it is all going wrong. 

But remember, nothing comes to us that we cannot handle. Nothing. We always get only that which we can handle. Which is preparing us for the greater design. 

Like I read somewhere we are only seeing the back of the embroidery which is a mess while the beautiful design is being created on the other side. You will see the design too, of what you created, if you are patient, if you let the great knitter do his or her job and not give up.
Play your part.

All will be well. Let go. Just be. You are already doing all you can. 

When you just play your part and be an enthusiastic participant, you can even have fun while you are at it.

In all this mess, there is perfection being played out. Just yield to it.

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