Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gone Girl - Movie Review

Ranjan asked me out for a movie yesterday. Fury he said. I was ok and we were all set for it. But there was Gone Girl at the same time so we switched. Now this movie has high ratings. Everyone seems to like it for many reasons. But frankly sir, I got rather bored. Or to be more honest, disappointed. It did not quite fit in for me. Too many loose ends.

I'll let go on revealing the story now so anyone planning to see this movie can skip this para. Movie starts with husband going out to bar, speaking to sister who co-owns bar with him (they converse in most un-family like and unnatural manner), returns home to find table smashed and wife missing. Cops come with coffee in hands, and see blood stains etc and get cracking. Their first suspect seems to be husband who slowly reveals that he knows nothing about his wife's activities, has no money, is living off her, has increased her insurance etc. In a sudden twist we find he also has an extra marital affair with his student. Now we all know by now that he is not the killer because its too obvious. So that's out of the way.

Wife is Amazing Amy of some popular kids storybook who had  a bad childhood and who has grown up to be a manipulative and dangerous person. She is universally referred to as the bitch by everyone who knows her, and she has filed for assault and a restraint order from two men in her past life. Anyway we soon know wife is not dead but has planned it all out to seek revenge on cheating husband. She plans out it so well that even the cops cannot see through it. But my question is - what does she get by getting boring husband in jail? Loss of her identity? No money? What's her motive to pull off an extensive hoax and get him into jail? Not good enough to lose her entire life to get back. She could have just left him or better, planned his murder in a better manner so she can live on. He could have died in a small accident at home and no one would have missed him.

Anyway she is not as smart as she thinks and gets all her money stolen and two of the most idiotic looking kids see through her disguise which makes you wonder about the cops and the FBI. Stuck with no money she calls her ex-stalker who is a rich guy. He is still hot for her and stows her away in a secret house. Now she fakes an elaborate rape with wine bottles, red wine and stuff and finally slits his throat when he makes his move on her. After which she comes home drenched in his blood. The media is by now judging the husband, influencing the process etc. Now once she is home they both decide to live together again because it makes sense for them to. After all we cannot let society down can we. See they are all clapping for her out there.

I cannot understand how anyone can sleep in the same house with someone who has just faked her own murder, who has faked two rapes, who has slit another man's throat and claimed self defence and who has somehow inseminated herself with her husband's sperm sample to get pregnant. Can you give me an easier line than that? I mean can't you get their motives straighter and build the story along? When will she get into the mental institution if not jail is my question. But going by all the rave reviews, this is just the kind of a happy ending most viewers seem to want to watch.

It was too long. Too Bollywoodish in its clumsy tackling of details. Don't tell me you can fake your own murder and kill someone and just claim that you have been kidnapped and been forced upon and get away it. I was waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. Two boring people caught in a boring marriage they do not want to be in. And we have to watch them for two and a half hours. Now they have a kid in line too. Wow. I wish I'd gone to see Fury. But it was not a total loss for me. I found Carrie Coon pretty cute.

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