Monday, November 3, 2014

Eating Out in Hyderabad - Some More

Olive Bistro, Durgam Cheruvu
Been here with Tarun and Suresh some time ago. You go to Durgam Cheruvu from the Dr. Ambedkar Open University road, right up to the entrance of the park. On the left side you see Olive Bistro nestling quietly in the greenery. Nice ambience. You walk up a bit and then down a bit and then into a tastefully done up place that overlooks the Durgam Cheruvu. The outside is nice to sit because the indoors looked rather crowded. (But soon the sun got too much so we shifted in.)
The menu does not tax you too much, simple and easy. I like these kinds where they have few things and they know what they are doing. Service was good. Food was good. We ate some chicken and bread and a huge serving of Tiramisu that came in a big container. I suspect it would come to about 700 bucks a head for a meal.
I'd like to go to this place hoping for some peace and quiet. But I am not sure that it guarantees that because its quite a popular place I hear. But the location and ambience is among the best in the town. I am certainly more favorably disposed to Olive Bistro than most.

Rajdhani, Banjara Hills, Road No 2, Opp TV 9 Office
This is a Rajasthani thali specialty restaurant. The interiors are tastefully done and the whole atmosphere is Rajasthani. They ply you with food and this and that until you cannot eat any more. Its pure veg. Dahi vada, all kinds of rotis, many kinds of sweets and other stuff. All you can eat until you are well and truly stuffed. Service is excellent but what is a Rajasthani restaurant if the service is poor. You tend to over eat because there are so many items and you are constantly being served little portions of this and that and there is more coming.
Bill per head came to 450 bucks or so. Its quick, its well made food and its nice. But I am sure I cannot do this often. On the day that you feel like gorging on lavish Rajasthani food, go here.

Aksons Restaurant, Opp Model House, Punjagutta Main Road
I love these small joints. In fact I love the Aksons types all over. They are small, functional. speedy and offer great value for money. Of course you can compromise a bit on comfort - this is janata stuff dude. Its a Malayali restaurant I guess because they make nice hot parothas. Parothas and omelette is the staple diet I like here, but they offer various chicken dishes, fish, mutton, thali all in that little place. Service is lightning quick, there's just enough space to sit and eat and overall, a very enjoyable experience. I have been seeing Aksons for many years now. There is no ambience to talk about really expect that of a bustling small joint. Food is good. Service already mentioned - excellent. It costs about 150 per head if you really gorge.

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