Friday, November 14, 2014

Jobs - Movie Review

Jobs, a biopic on the life of Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computers, does seem rather incomplete at first view, but still has enough content. Steve Jobs does not come across as a 'nice' guy, but he is pretty clear that his job is not to be nice.

Nothing much is shown about the hazy years of his childhood of being put up for adoption almost at birth and being adopted by the Jobs couple. Steve Jobs showed a propensity for education, went to college and dropped out because he had no money. He tried several things - spiritualism in India was one, LSD another, Zen Buddhism - until he landed a job at Atari. At one stage he considered being a monk.

Jobs life in the movie begins with the launch of the ipod. And then we see how his desultory life takes on a different route when he meets Wozniak, a computer whiz from the neighbourhood who designs the first Apple Computer (then called the Ice Cream Soda or something like that). Jobs shows great insight into what the market wants, good business skills, great marketing acumen and takes the Apple (a name they pick from one of Jobs' experiences at picking apples) to the market.

I found the problems that the startup faces very interesting. The way they go about with hope and a possibility, not give up and keep trying until it pays off is something that all startup owners can learn from. The way he calls his prospects in the face of complete rejection is a perfect lesson for salespeople. The way he shows his foresight, clarity and preparedness when his first investor shows interest in financing the idea is a lesson in how being prepared can make a 90000 investment a 300000 investment and some more. Similarly the way he goes about designing things for the customer by making things more intuitive, is something we can all learn from. If nothing else, it makes our lives better if we just think about it for a moment.

Jobs is obsessed with design,with economy and with thinking differently. His projects go way overboard in finance etc, some of his decisions go against him and he resigns from Apple (something he feels was one of the best things to have happened to him later). For all that, Jobs is not keen to be a nice person and is more concerned with the commerce and design, the customer and what the customer wants. After much struggle Jobs finds his place in history and one of the fathers of the digital world.

One thing he says while walking around the office campus with his team in his second innings was interesting. He talks of a cause, that one must work towards righting what they think is wrong, and only then will they have the energy and passion to see their vision through. I liked that - righting a wrong. It has so many possibilities, so much we can stand up for.

If nothing, his final speech in the movie should inspire many to come into their own. A desire not to settle for 'fine', to think differently, to push all boundaries until it is achieved, to not be afraid and conservative, to go where no other competitor has gone before, to constantly keep innovating (not improving), these could well be the stuff that Jobs left to a world that is far too easily satisfied.

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