Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anjali - The Posters On the Gate

We have many altruistic businesses near my house. They scour the countryside for empty gates and stick up flexboards that say 'No Parking'. Below that warning is written their business and contact numbers. Our gates serve as ready made hoarding boards for them.
There was a time when I'd pull those boards away savagely. How dare they?

Today we noticed two boards had attached themselves to our gate.
Anjali was very happy.
'Wow, someone put a No Parking sign for us,' she said.

I smiled. This was certainly a new way to look at these boards.
Like I said earlier, I normally preferred getting mad at them for doing stuff like this to my gate.

Then came the question.
'Why do they put these boards on our gate nanna?'
Aha! Good question. I will tell you why little one. These nefarious chaps have a secret agenda.

'They are advertising their business,' I pointed out. 'See they have their name and number.'

See. Now do you get it?

She was thrilled.
'Ha, but they don't know that we are very happy to have such boards on our gate. They are doing us a favor really without knowing no nanna? Because of these boards people won't park in front of our gate.'

Yes Anjali.
If only my life was so simple and everything that everyone did was not some personal attack or a conspiracy to undermine me. Then life would seem like they are all helping me out.

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