Monday, November 24, 2014

Anjali - I am so glad we are born now

The talk came to type writers. (Started with QWERTY but that's another story.)
'What are they nanna?' Anjali asked all innocence. She never saw one you see.

I tried to explain.
'They are these machines, like boxes, with keys arranged this way as in a computer keyboard and rods that connected to the actual letters that typed on the paper. We put the paper in and typed it out and that was it.'
She contemplated the situation.

'You know what it means right?' I asked. 'You cannot make a mistake else you have to type it all again. Not like you kids who have computers and you can make as many mistakes and then correct them. We had to really think before doing. No mistakes.'

She contemplated on what I said for a moment. Then she smiled, terribly pleased with this situation she was in.
'I am so glad we are born now nanna,' she said in apparent joy at the conveniences she was enjoying. 'I can press delete and undo and write it over again. It's so easy for us.'

I was not sure this was where I wanted this to go. But then there was more.
'I wonder what all things will come when I grow older nanna,' she said in genuine wonder and anticipation.

She was looking forward.

I was looking backward.

I can't imagine what will happen to me when that world she is seeing comes into existence. But with her wonder and joy, Anjali will surely have a good time it looks like.

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