Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anjali - On Money

This is actually an excerpt from an interview that's underway with Anjali. I could not resist pulling this bit out. As usual I asked her a question about money. This is how it went.

Q. What do you think of money?
A. You always ask me this question. Money buys things. I saw this game called Talking Angela and she said don't worry too much about money because money can't buy you love. Its good to have. But its not everything. You should be happy with what you have.

Q. How much do you want?
A. I don't use any money from my account. So, as much as I can collect. 

Q. How can we collect money?
A. I keep finding coins. People give me sometimes. I also have two dollars.

Q. How can adults make money?
A. By working.

Q. You have to work?
A. Yeah. Even I have to work. If I don't look around I'll never find any money.

I like the fact that the philosophy of Talking Angela is in its place and that her relationship with money (as much as I can collect) is in its place. More interesting is the fact that she is quite clear that despite the fact that she doesn't use any money from her account, she does not stop collecting.

But the killer was the final statement. Even I who merely collects money have to look for money. So stop asking questions like do you have to work etc. Thanks Anjali.


Madhav said...

Ah' still on your quest to find the meaning of money

Harimohan said...

Yes sir.