Friday, November 7, 2014

On the Road Diary - Day 6, Zeebop on the Sea

It's the last day of the trip. Malay and Sarah organised a brunch with some games between the Belgian and Indian contingent, water sports, food and drink. Brunch was to start at brunching time i.e. 11ish but we were all pretty pooped from last night. So we decided to chill a bit after breakfast. Some hit the pool, some got a beer, I got a book and a beer, so everyone was find doing their own thing. To me, that's the best way for life to be. DYOT - Do your own thing.
Zeebop by the Sea
We left for Zeebop by the Sea, a resort near Utorda beach. It means that we first go past Panjim, head towards Madgaon and turn off right near Cansaulim. We found Zeebop by the Sea without too much trouble. It is a fantastic place to get away with excellent views. Why do people go North when the South of Goa has such beautiful beaches is what I cannot understand.
Football by the Sea
We found everyone from last night gathered here again, some sipping a drink, some getting a bite, most youngsters engaged in some physical games, some playing darts etc. The beach was flat, offered great views. I settled down with the drink and eat bunch and restricted my sporty activity to merely walking up to the food counter and back. There were banana rides and water scooter rides etc.
Standing by the Sea
If we head down left from the beach we go to Colva, a beach which I had spent many good times before. I must have surely walked upto this Zeebop sometime. This beach and this place is pretty highly recommended by me for the ambience, the food, the open space and mostly the wonderful loos.
Walking by the Sea
As the sun grew less fierce, most ventured back on to the beach and the sea. I did too. Some soccer and cricket were planned but I am sure the youngsters would do a fine job of representing India against Belgium. I headed back even as the sun was descending, having to drop Miskil at the airport on the way.

I had a long and slow journey back as I navigated my way through the traffic back to the hotel. One last dinner at Manoj's fine dining space and we retired for the night. Manoj gave us all hugs and sent us on the way.

'Do you want tea?' he asked when I told him I'd be leaving at 6 in the morning.
I said that would be nice but didn't they start service at 8 am.
'I go for a jog in the morning,' he said. 'So no problem. What time?'
I shrugged.
'545,' he said and was off. 'Write something about me.'

Ok man. I did. And a bit more than I intended to. Off to dreamland. Long ride tomorrow back to Hyderabad. I will try the new road that Vicky told me about, the Chorla ghat road (on the GPS try Chorlem or Quorlem also if it does not get Chorla), which he said was brilliant and offered a speedy route to Belgaum. If I get to Belgaum in three hours, I will be more than happy.

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